Gettingsburg Soapworks makes custom and private label soaps, gift sets, theme soaps for special events like bridal and baby showers, and custom corporate gift sets. To see all our molds, click on the "All The Choices" button to the left.  We also work with a mold maker to develop molds with names and logos for Private Label soaps.

For a custom order, we require a minimum of one dozen soaps or sets (3 guest size soaps = 36 soap minimum) in the same configuration and design (mold, color, scent, etc). Anyone can place a custom order. We offer discounts on large orders. 

To receive wholesale pricing, you must have a federal business tax number and place an order for a minimum of 36 bath size soaps (3oz or over) or 108 guest size soaps(under 3oz) in the same mold, color, scent, and/or configuration (for sets).

We specialize in luxury glycerine soap with goat's milk. We also offer clear glycerine soap, white opaque glycerine soap, and honey glycerine soap. Aloe, olive oil, color, and other additives are possible for custom orders. We have a wide variety of essential oils, perfume oils, fragrances, and herbal and floral elements for your custom soap. While Gettingsburg Soapworks makes NO beauty or therapeutic claims about our soaps, many essential oils and botanic elements are reputed to maintain their beauty or therapeutic qualities in soap.

Glycerine Soaps:  Glycerine soaps are made from white or clear glycerine soap and high quality fragrances and colorants.

Spa SoapsSpa soaps have something extra to make them truly luxurious glycerine soaps: goat's milk, herbs, honey, essential oils, and/or a host of other additions to make each soap special.

Blessings and Gifts SetsThe Blessings and Gifts of the Season Gift Sets all contain four 2 oz. soaps in our luxurious goat's milk glycerine soap.  Each soap has a single Chinese character on its face for "Health, "Happiness", "Peace", and "Long  Life".  The four soaps are in a single organza bag, and with a bath scrubbie, are packaged in a white frosted carry-out container.

Reader's SpaA Reader's Spa is the perfect gift for any avid reader.  The set has a beautiful little cake of glycerine soap with goat's milk with "BLISS" emblazoned across its face, a handmade votive candle in a complimentary scent, and a bath scrubbie.  The set is packaged in a frosted white plastic carry-out container.  Add a good book and a hot tub for soaking, and you have pure bliss for readers.

Basic Bath SetThe Basic Bath Set has an extra-large (5 oz.) bar of soap, a tea light candle in a complimentary fragrance, and a bath scrubbie.  The bar of soap comes in an organza bag, and the set is packaged in a frosted white plastic carry-out container.

For the Winter Holidays, we'll be offering soaps that say "Winter Blessings" or "Season's Greetings" on the face.  You can see these soaps below in the Winter Holidays gallery.

Guest Soap SetsGuest Soap Sets are a set of 3 guest size soaps (usually 2 of one pattern and 1 with a variation of the pattern to make up a 3 soap set) of the same scent in an organza bag.  Guest soaps are under 3ounces.  Each 3 soap Guest Soap set is a mixed set of 2 different patterns as seen above - 2 of 1 and 1 of the other.   Botanical Buttons have a rectangular leaf and square flower soaps.  The Victorian Button soaps are patterned on Victorian Ladies' Filigree Buttons.  The Celtic Buttons have an oval and a square soap with knot work patterns. 

We also offer a Bliss soap set:  3 of the same soaps that say "BLISS" across the faces of the soaps in an organza bag.   The Bliss soaps are slightly larger (2.25 oz each) than our other guest size soaps (averaging 2oz each).  Bliss soaps fit very nicely in the palm.

Party IdeasGettingsburg Soapworks soaps make individual, unique, and inexpensive favors for your special event.  A guest size soap in an organza bag can be as inexpensive as $2.00 each.  Prices for a guest size soap in a mini carryout container or small gift bag start at $4.00 each.  Favors can be customized with the large carryout container (as seen in our Gift Sets), larger soaps, organza bags for the soaps, confetti and streamers in the container, and/or simple labels for additional cost.  

We also make cost effective favors and place settings in one convenient package: a small custom soap in a mini carry out container or pretty organza bag.  Add the place setting name for your unique party favor/place setting. Prices start around $1.50 for a basic guest size soap which, like all our soaps, can be customized in many ways. View samples on the Shower Favors page and the Gallery page in the section labeled "Party Ideas".

Two dozen or more custom favors will receive a 10% discount.*  Our easy choice shower favors are 20% below the cost of custom favors for a dozen soaps.  You can view favors and gifts we've created for parties on the "Gallery" page.  Email us to inquire about unique customized favors for your party.

Children's SoapsOur Children's soaps come in a variety of designs and are all about 2 oz. each.  We have Cherubs, Happy Frogs, Geckos, Race Cars, Paw Prints, and a Herd of Critters (a fish, a dog, a lion, and a frog).  Our Guest Soaps fit nicely into a kid's hand too.

Shampoo CakesShampoo Cakes are "Do Everything" cakes.  These cakes of pure soap are formulated to rinse a little cleaner so hair feels a little slicker than hair would feel after using soap.

PhatGirl informs me that although dogs' skin is not as sensitive as hers, puppies' and kittens' skin is extremely sensitive.  They are so small (comparatively speaking) that, much like human babies, many substances absorbed through their skin can poison them.  For that reason, and because dogs clean themselves, we are careful to use only small amounts of essential oils in our Shampoo Cakes for Dogs and Humans.  Shampoo Cakes for Humans Only may use fragrances and essential oils that might not agree with dogs.

When soap is used on hair (whether it's regular soap or our shampoo cakes), it may benefit from a final rinse with a very mild vinegar and water solution.

These are sold "Deli" style: By the slice in approximate weight -- usually about 2-3 oz.

Year 'round scents:  We have dozens of fragrances in stock. We can blend simple combinations of your favorite scents for your custom order. We have access to hundreds more fragrances, essential oils, and perfume oils through our suppliers to suit your every mood.

Essential Oils: We can obtain certified organic versions of most essential oils for your custom order. We have some of the most popular essential oils in stock: Atlas Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and a host of other less well known essential oils and blends.

Perfume Oil: We always have Vanilla Perfume Oil in stock. It is one of our most popular scents.

Fragrances: Our list of individual fragrances, and those we can obtain for you, is too long to list. Here is a partial list of general categories of the fragrances we have in stock:

Floral: Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Lilac, Lilies (3 versions), and Rose (2 versions).

Fruit: Apple (4 versions), Pear (2 versions), Lemon (2 versions)

Spice: Vanilla Bean, Spiced Bay, Silk Road Spice, and Arabian Spice

Herbal: Grass (2 versions), Mint (3 versions), Moss (2 versions), Sage (2 versions), and Sandalwood (2 versions)

Miscellaneous: Grass (2 versions), Linen, Nag Champa/Temple Incense, Fresh Baked (3 versions)

For information on the differences between Essential Oils, Perfume Oils, and Fragrances, see the Product Information page.

*Retail pricing.  Contact us to inquire about wholesale orders and pricing.  All minimums apply.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any of your questions.